Training Grounds


Robo Stormo's main method of overcoming obstacles is the Aerial Dash. The spans that he must cross are simply too large to be made in a single bound.

In order to dash, Robo must have atleast 1 power orb. Power orbs can be seen rotating around Robo.

To gain a power orb, simply dash through a target orb, ladder orb, enemy shot, or destroy an enemy! Robo can obtain up to 3 powers orbs at once. But remember, since using dash takes up one power orb, it is imperative that your dashes go through a target!

Be creative when overcoming different stages. Basically every level has multiple ways of getting to the Ender Orb. Creativity = Speed in Project Stormos.

Chain together dashes into Target orbs in order to reach your destination!

If you run out of power orbs midair, it's time to save yourself! Use the sword to slash target orbs, enemies, and shots to get your power back!